3 Reasons to give up on your dreams today

3 Reasons to give up on your dreams today

Today, I’ll give you 3 reasons for giving up in your life, whether it’s your dream job, dream education, dream lifestyle or a relationship. You may be at any phase of your life. Maybe you are struggling a lot on daily basis, fighting this world to win at what you are trying to achieve. But everything you do is not sufficient for them; they could be either your investors, employer, your boss, your partner, family or society’s expectations. And after all your efforts, all you want to do is just give up but you don’t because you are afraid of the tantrums you may hear or face later on.

Don’t worry! Here, I’ll share 3 key reasons why you should give up immediately even if you have tried enough. Let’s start.

Reason #1 – Unable to take right decisions

You might have been working all day long, trying to achieve your milestones or goals of the day, on day to day basis. But still not getting anywhere. And, every decision you make seems to be a wrong turn. Don’t worry this may happen with anyone, anywhere in the world.

But, why is it so?

Let me tell you this is not a big deal if you are struggling with making right decisions.

Some folks say that we learn to take right decisions only after we take wrong decisions. But this may not be true in every scenario. Sometimes, we don’t need to take any decision at all. All we need to do is just sit idle and try to bring our mind to a peaceful state.

A calm mind is way dangerous than a fast paced decisive mind.

There are times when frequent decision making all day, every day makes us forget the BIG picture. And, through this practice we need to see that BIG picture again. For that, first of all we should stop any new decision making. If we won't make any decision for some time then we’ll fear less of right or wrong outcome of it. And this is gonna give us a relief for some time at least.

Once you are at calm state and able to see the BIG picture or an aerial view of your problems, you will be better able to articulate the root cause and find a solution at last.

If you are able to do that, do share with me in comments.

Reason #2 – Financial Problems

Finance is one of the key primary reasons for many people around the world whether they want to pursue any higher degree, plan to live their dreams, find their dream job or start a new venture or keep their business afloat.

And, most of the people think that getting quick money is a solution for this problem. One thing they forgot to notice here is “WHY”. They want to make quick money but forget “why do they want to make quick money?”. And, not knowing their why keeps them stuck there.

So, here your next course of action should be to take a pause for a while and try to develop those skills that can help you make that difference which will ultimately lead you towards overcoming your financial hurdles.

Money may not buy everything but it may help you deliver a good quality of life for yourself and people around you.

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Reason #3 – Unable to be at the right place, at right time, around right people

The third most common reason with achieving the set milestones is not having right connects or resources whether it’s having a mentor, having right team for the business or if you are a student then it might be not having right guidance at the right time. So, what should be the next plan of action for you in this situation?

Well, this is something that can’t be resolved in a very short span of time. It’s not something that one can buy doing some shopping around.
For your business, you can hire 100s or 1000s of people with high skill sets. But is that enough for the real growth of your venture?


You need to look beyond their core skills and that’s whether they align with your culture and vision about your product or service? And, before going for that, you thyself need to have a clarity of vision about whatever endeavour you are trying to get into. So, this process works from top to down. Money is not everything here. Instead trust, respect and culture have more importance to get the right people stay with you. And, the right time and place will also fall in your path as you move forward.

If you don’t have clarity of your vision whether it’s your career, a new startup or an established business enterprise. Then, you must take a break for a while and find out that “WHY”. Why do you wanna pursue a career into this? Why do you want to build this new product? Why do you want to do this?

मैं अकेला ही चला था, लोग जुड़ते गए कारवां बनता गया।

In the end, I would only say that giving up is not something to embarrass for. It's okay if you give up today, to rise again.

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