Feeling of Failure

Feeling of Failure

This is the time when I’m feeling failed and sometimes regret my decisions of choosing entrepreneurship as my career. However, I still don’t want to quit but somehow fears in taking hard decisions just because I don’t want to commit any big mistake. I know that corporate life is tough and especially making your startup grow with the vision you aimed at but it’s a lot complex and life-drowning. Anyways, I’m trying to get rid of this situation as well.

There was a time during July 2015 when I was having lots of projects to do with a very tight deadline and job at the same time. I still remember that time when I used to sleep at around 3 o clock in the night and wake up at 7 o clock with no time for dinner and breakfast. That was the time I took a big decision that is to left my fixed salary job and continue my freelancing career ahead.

Then, everyone tried to convince me to have an office and finally they succeed. I joined my friend’s company to run on my own terms but unfortunately this association did not succeed and I left it and registered my own private limited company with a new and unique name.

The time continued. I keep trying to pitch more clients but not got that much success. However, I’m learning new tactics and strategies to run my business, meeting and communicating with other buddy entrepreneurs and investors. But, until and unless you cannot convert your vision into money, it’s useless. And, the same case is with me. I can’t understand what am I doing wrong, what should I do and what’s and why all this is going on.

However, during this period, I got many new clients from Singapore, California and Bangladesh. And, many new Indian clients across different states of India but till time you don’t have millions of dollars in your account, it doesn’t seem good growth for you. I’m happy on what I’ve achieved so far but not satisfied. And, that unsatisfaction is the only thing which motivate me to practice more and achieve more. So far, client trust, new work exposure, technical expertise and a good communication are all my achievements till date. Even, today I’m able to pitch any client with my work showcase. However, there is still a long path to go.

Sometimes, I feel failed but I don’t accept it. I always try for the next best that I can achieve. There was also a time when I had zero bank balance and many bills and employee salaries were due. But, I didn’t stopped there and kept myself motivated in that tough situation too. And, after lots of efforts and hard-work, I got rid of that situation and continued my startup journey on my own terms. The time was so tough to live but it also taught me a lesson i.e. never stop at a poor moment because if this moment won’t come in your life then you won’t be able to know you.

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We own good judgment in difficult circumstances. There is never a bad time, it comes here to teach you something.
The time is not so bad because it took everything away from you, but it is so because it shows no mercy in taking your exam.

My words from this experience

I won’t fail because I won’t stop.
I won’t stop because I’ve to win.
I’ll win because I’ll continue my journey.
I’ll continue my journey because I trust myself and my enthusiasm.
I trust myself because God is with me.
God is with me because I’m trying and following rules of life which my father taught me.


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