Top 7 blogs and news apps for developers


Top 7 blogs and news apps for developers

All a developers need is the right resources where they can find all the relevant information and news about technology, new programming languages and all in one curated programming tips.

Today, there could be thousands of such websites and mobile apps but only a few fulfil the exact needs of modern developers. Here in this blog, I’m gonna share top 6 tech news and blogging websites or apps that will help you grow in your career and also keep you updated with the latest tech stuffs.

Note: The sequence of apps may vary and doesn’t signify their importance over others.

1. StackExchange

If you are a developer, you must have already used StackOverflow at least once during any project. Well, StackOverflow today is just one part of the entire stackexchange community. And, this is not any news or blog website but the best buddy help resource for a developer.

Developers can ask their questions, give answers to the questions asked by other developers across the world. And, this is the best feature of this website because it’s completely developer-driven.

2. DevBytes

I recently came across this DevBytes app and what I found amazing about it is that as a developer I can easily found out quick overview of any programming language, scripting language, programming frameworks or anything new happening in tech world. Their welcome screen says “All coding news in under 64 words”.

You know what does this mean?

Well, when I scrolled through the app, I found a quick snapshot info of the latest news about coding world. And, the best part is I can infinitely scroll like I do on Insta. If I find any news of interest, I can easily go to the full news. It’s awesome naa. That’s why, I’ve included this app in my list of top 7 blogs and news apps for developers.

3. GeeksForGeeks

GeeksForGeeks is something that’s very close to my heart. Let me tell you the reason for that.

When I was in college, we’re in the age of 2G and we had to visit Cyber café by paying ₹30/- an hour, just to use internet. So, what I used to do to enhance my learning & programming skills, I used to search for the programming language and download their tutorial page as HTML file. And kept that folder with me in a pen-drive. Until last year, I had all that data with me in a hard disk drive.

I admire Sandeep because he created this platform as a collection of all that programming knowledge and courses. Even today, in the generation of 5G and fibre internet, having all the resources at one place is really helpful for developers community.

4. CodePen

I am including CodePen here because I’ve been a front end developer for so long. And, this website is so useful for front end developers in writing & testing small chunks of code. Most developers use it for practice purposes while many others do some hit & trials and can share the code with fellow developers. This feature helps the dev community in experimenting more while learning, without impacting their existing code functionality.

5. CSSTricks

This website is no doubt an amazing resource for UI developers who primarily work on CSS for stylish their websites or web apps. It gives a code sample of different layout styles, UI designs, shadows, effects, animations, etc.

With an example of how to use CSS for different types of styling to how to customize our code for further exploration; everything is covered up in CSSTricks. I myself has used it many times as I initially started my career with HTML & CSS after doing 6 months training on XML & XSLT as ePub Programmer.

6. HackerRank

One cannot be a great developer or programmer if he/she hasn’t been challenged. During my college time, I used to participate in coding challenges and it has always brushed my coding skills to next level. Even today, I accept any programming challenge without worrying whether I have little or no skill at all in the particular programming or scripting language. This is how I learnt Angular and ReactJS.

Why am I telling you all this is because HackerRank is one of those websites that help in challenging ourselves as a programmer and be the best version of thyself.


Last, but not least my own website ;)

I don’t say that I am a damn expert programmer. I am just like you who keeps learning whatever shows up in the way, either by taking up any course, seeking help from free videos, blogs and other resources and at the end by practicing it up with consistency. It has always helped me.

And, whatever little I learn, I try to share my knowledge and journey here with you all so that you don’t have to worry about the learning path.
Because, we already have lots of learning resources but as a programmer we struggle with the right learning path and how to get started with any new programming language or development framework. This is where I come for rescue by sharing tips, tricks and my journey to help you get started. I don’t charge anything for that. All my knowledge and experiences I share here are available to you for absolutely FREE.


These were few of the useful resources that might help you in your programming journey. I’ll try to share more information and my personal life experiences.

Why am I sharing all this info for free is because my vision about giving back to the society is crystal clear and that’s empowering individuals of India.

I know this mission is so big that I myself get scared sometimes that how will I do this in this small life span. As this is a journey where I’ve already taken my first step and still a long way to go. Hoping for the best to happen.

In the meantime, keep exploring, keep learning. No matter how BIG problem looks like, it’s always a tiny one if seeing from an aerial view.

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