About Deepak Jain

An experienced frontend UI developer, Deepak Jain is a startup geek, always seeking for investment opportunities in startups and digitally transformed businesses.

With his first failed venture and more than a decade of corporate experience, Deepak is continuously working towards his goals of making great businesses for uplifting Indian society and people' lives. He keeps on learning new programming languages & development frameworks apart from his interests in business processes and digital business transformation. Reading books, writing blogs, connecting with people, travelling, learning new things, getting know-how of new technologies, processes, methodologies, strategies and observing life events happening around are all where you may find him engaged most of the time. By introducing some programs to uplift the lives through various ways, he is trying to find satisfaction and purpose of life given to him by God and values with which his parents has raised him to be a person, he is today and trying to be one.

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Personal Life:

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Career & Professional Life

He loves to design and code; design to make things visually appealing, coding to let things work properly in a way he want them to. He believes in coding paradigm which follows KISS (Keep It Short ‘n’ Simple) mechanism with the most effective way possible for code reusability. He does have almost 9 years of experience into web/mobile apps design and development with a great corporate exposure. He has worked for many Indian and overseas clients ranging from Australia, California, Canada, China, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and many more from diverse industries and segments. Being actively engaged with some traditional businesses, he's working towards bringing digital transformation in those. Apart from that, he's also associated with an AgriTech startup where he heads the position as Chief Application Designer in the office of CTO and developing the best technologically advanced systems and platforms for our farmers.

Deepak Jain : Full-stack Developer:

He has sound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, RWD (Responsive Web Design or mobile-friendly designs) with additional knowledge of SEO, SMO and Keyword Analysis. Furthermore, he has worked on CakePHP, ASP.Net, C#, C++, MySQL Database Server as and when required. Recently, he has delivered more than 10 projects in CakePHP framework. And, in this era of open source development, he has also good hands on skills on many open source frameworks which include Magento 2 Commerce, WordPress with WooCommerce, OpenCart, Bootstrap CSS Framework, Material Design from Google and also adding Angular & ReactJS into his core development expertise. Adding further to call himself as full-stack developer, the next set of skills became part of his stack includes Server Management for Shared Hosting and AWS (Amazon Web Hosting) Cloud Services. Plus, UI design and graphics design using Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and Figma is another additional skillset making him aware of doing pixel perfect design & code for web and mobile applications.

Since no one is perfect, he is always eager to learn new technologies and platforms. He keeps himself engaged in experimenting new tools and technologies to enhance and upgrade his skill-set further.

These days, you will find him busy in reading books on his Kindle or in cafe connecting with any startup enthusiast.

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