How risk taking can lead you to achieve success in your life?

How risk taking can lead you to achieve success in your life?

Risk is a term to make us fearful. It comes with lots of thoughts. Since, we can’t accept changes so easily that’s why we are mostly in fear and get the feeling of huge losses as soon as Risk factor comes in picture.

But, I personally believe that Risk has very important role in our life. It actually makes us a person we always want to be.

How Risk can make us a person we want to be?

It’s my belief that Risk can make me the person I always want to be. I believe it because Risk first of all penetrates into our belief system. It has that power of breaking out our rigid thoughts and change our perspective.

Am I not saying the two statements contrary to each other?

Yes. I am saying. And it holds very true actually.

Since, Risk penetrates into our and yours belief system, it has that power to challenge us beyond our own limits. And, when we outreach our own limitations, we get the experience we never had. Obviously, it’s not any simple and acceptable time. Life, happenings, events everything breaks us to a great extent. But, despite of that it also enhances us as a person, enriching our experience and making us compatible for better challenges.

How can you relate life challenges with Risk taking?

Risk taking is an act of ability. An ability where we accept those challenges which are usually out of our own scope and capabilities. And, that capability comes out when we ensure ourselves ready for accepting new challenges.

What if I am not ready for accepting the challenge?

That happens. We waste a lot of time in activities which does not holding relevance in our life. When a challenge knocks our door, it doesn’t ask whether we’re ready or not. It just says that here I am. Now, it’s our call to consider it as an opportunity or a threat. If we let it pass by, someone else will grab it. Otherwise, we could leverage it and bring out something better from the challenge.

But, we accept these challenges only if we’re willing to take risks. With every new challenge, there is some Risk associated always. This risk might be an active or passive one. But, it is always there. So, be ready to take risks.

What if I lost or I failed?

I didn’t know much about stock market. Still, I’ve always been very enthusiast about it. Even, I’d used some ₹5k initially and started investing. Actually, I started trading, not investing. Later on started increasing funds, reading more books, watching stuffs and more. However, I can share my stock market experience through a separate blog.

What I am trying to highlight here is that I had this fear of loss, I always had whenever I tried to do something which I never did. But, do you know what’s the greatest part of this?

I actually became better version of myself. Whatever the resources were required, I did that. I didn’t just give up. Kept trying until I failed for good. And, all those failures were nothing but failing & learning milestones of life.


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