Avoid absolutes, try sometimes

Avoid absolutes, try sometimes

Recently, I came across an amazing technique one can apply in his/her life. The technique is about avoiding use of absolutes in regards to events, expectations, aspirations or lifestyle. Instead, using “sometimes” in such situations. I am still trying to find a classy name to get patented this technique which I even don’t own and finding a name for which I guess GenAI can help me now as Google baba is getting old. :D

Well, jokes apart.

This technique is really amazing. So how does it work, let me share few examples to understand better.

Scenario: You found a date on Tinder or whatever the new gen X version of dating is in trend these days. So, you’re on date trying to impress saying “I am an absolute funny guy” or “I am not a funny guy/gal but I want to be so much funny”.

Instead of that, try saying “I am a funny guy/gal, sometimes”.

If you see the power in words, the sometimes approach has more power than it’s absolute version.

Similarly, you may apply this technique in your corporate/professional life as well.
Scenario: You are not a good team player. And, during interview or work phase, a discussion went on that we need someone who is really good team player to send over to client onsite.
If you will say that “I will be a good team player” or "I am not a good team player" then you have already lost this opportunity. Instead, if you say that “I am a good team player, sometimes” then you are now half way closer to the opportunity.

So, try to make the best use of your own words to show strength and build credibility over the time.

The game is all about our mindset. The way we train our mindset, makes the difference. 

By applying this approach in your personal or professional life, you have the potential to win. If not win, then at least the probability of losing it is reduced.

Hope you find this blog useful and will apply in your life. Please do share your experience with me in using this technique. 


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