Learn Angular Step by Step in 30 days

Learn Angular Step by Step in 30 days

Hey, I'm Deepak, an experienced full-stack developer with more than a decade of corporate experience, having strong programming skills and have been working on Angular while writing this blog. As part of my initiative "Learn with Deepak", I am trying to give some free knowledgeable resources on programming, finance, management and entrepreneurship.

Today, I brought you a new learning experience with my 30 days challenge where starting today, you can learn Angular in 15 days like I did few years back. After 15 days, you may work on few pretend/dummy projects for your own practice in next 15 days. I'll share few simple project ideas for that too.

After this journey of 30 days, you shouldn't find any difficulty in kickstarting your front-end development career into Angular. During this 30 days of journey, I'll be with you, sharing my knowledge & experience through my blogs on Angular and tweets.

I'll keep sharing few additional programming solutions with examples that can enrich your knowledge further and will be a great resource of learning and solving real-life programming problems.

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With this 30 days tutorial series on Angular, I assure you of good learning experience. If you are already working on this technology then possibly you may find some of the initial tutorials not worthy. In that scenario, you may directly jump off to your topic of interest using ToC (Table of Content).

I am learning #Angular with #30daysofchallenge.

Let's begin your journey to learn Angular fast with 30 days of programming challenge.

Day 01: Basics of Angular, Setup and Configuration

Day 02: Components and Templates

Day 03: Services & Interceptors

Day 04: Modules, Routing and Navigation

Day 05: Forms in Angular

Day 06: Pipes & Decorators

Day 07: Parent-Child Components

Day 08: Directives and Data Binding

Day 09: Custom Directives

Day 10: HTTP and Web Services

Day 11: Observables and Promises

Day 12: Route Guards

Day 13: Service Workers and PWAs

Day 14: Multi-Project Application

Day 15: Unit Testing

Day 16 – Day 30: Practice, Practice and Practice

If you are looking for any specific solution to your programming challenge or stuck at something, do write to me in comments. I'll try to provide you a solution for that.

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Thanks for your time and love!

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