Life is to live, not regret

Life is to live, not regret

I've been feeling so much boredom in my life. It has become sort of monotonous or maybe I have been feeling so lost everyday. I even lost the hope of being happy after my marriage breakdown. It's not I feel sorry for the decision but I truly wish that it could have worked out.

I know how much effort I put in to make it succeed but sometimes things don't go the way we want. And, that's what has happened here.

Last night was much like many other nights when I've been having difficulty sleeping. I couldn't take a nap until morning, tried to stay calm, watched a movie, played games, and listened to music but nothing worked out.

And, you know what, I didn't feel sleepy at all for the whole night. A thought just kept wandering through my mind "Why".

  • Why after putting so much effort I couldn't save my marriage?
  • What else could I have tried to make it work?
  • Was it meant to be a failure just to save me from a big blunder?
  • Why is a broken marriage acceptable by today's generation?
  • Am I inclined to a more traditional mindset?

All these thoughts and questions don't fade away. And, unfortunately I can't share a word about any of this with anyone.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala helped me.

Since, these thoughts are always on my mind and maybe I'm not thinking straight on a few matters of my personal life. But as people say some incidents happen around you, just to wake you up. And, one of such events is the demise of Shri Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ji.

To be true, I never met him but, after the news of demise I got to see one of his videos where he's dancing on his wheelchair and the song is "Kajra re" from the movie "Bunty aur Babli".

Learn how to live from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

He knew he may not survive for long but still enjoyed every moment of his life. Being an ace investor, inspiration of millions of Indians, coach (Guru) for many novices and experts from finance industry, especially stock market; he's been spreading happiness even during his tough days. The bank balance of Jhunjhunwala ji couldn't keep him alive. None of us can deceive life & death but how we're gonna live our life is still our choice.

I know it very well but sometimes we forget after a series of incidents. And, during these times such legends came for our saviour.

If you know what makes you happy, just do it.

My Life, My Responsibilities and My Family

"I know what makes me happy but it's not about me anymore. I have a family, job responsibilities to fulfill and there are so many other things you won't understand.", most of the people say this.

Understanding our responsibilities is a good thing and is important as well. It makes us mature and responsible enough. But, it does not mean to give up living your own life. If you can't do that one thing which makes you happy, how will you bring happiness to your loved ones around you?

Once we become mature, it's hard to ignore our family and responsibilities towards them. And, even there is no need to ignore that. But, you can still live a happy life, at least for their happiness.

To feel happy, you don't need to hurt others. And, if sometimes they feel hurt, you need to ensure you don't leave them behind. There is a very thin line here sometimes. Obviously that's the challenge we all need to tackle.

How to break monotony in life?

There is no defined approach to breaking this monotony in life. The approach to it differs person to person. If you are feeling monotonous at work, you may prefer taking a break. If it is happening in your personal life, you may go on a vacation, may plan a solo trip if feeling monotony in family problems.

Taking a solo trip isn't costly.

You may plan for a team outing, if personal life is not going well. You may plan a family trip if professional life is getting hard on you.

A spiritual trip or even a morning yoga/meditation might also be of good help if your life circumstances are not allowing you a trip of any kind.

Life is to live, not regret

Not all choices are in our control. But some of them are. One of such choices is how we would live our life, at least upto some extent.

Most of us don't live our life by putting reasons for everything & on circumstances or people. When time passes away, we're left with nothing except to regret it later.

Why regret it if we can live by our choices?

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