How to use #100DaysOfCode challenge to learn and practice a new scripting or programming language?

How to use #100DaysOfCode challenge to learn and practice a new scripting or programming language?

It is as simple as building a 30 minutes reading habit but as difficult as skipping days & not maintaining consistency in any habit.

Many professionals developer prefer such #100DaysOfCode and #30DaysOfCode challenges to learn and practice any new scripting or programming language or sharpen the existing skills. Likewise, I also do. However, I have never considered it a good approach but when I first applied this strategy during learning Angular 8, it really made out my course of actions and gave a boost to my learning curve and career growth.

Once, I wrote a blog about my experience and process of How did I learn Angular 8 in 15 days and ReactJS in 7 days?

You may procrastinate but it doesn't help you achieve your goals

Strategy for #100DaysOfCode challenge

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First of all, pick up a language that you passionately want to learn or practice. Let's consider my example. I'm picking up Django for my next #100DaysOfCode challenge. Take this challenge publicly on your social media and notify all your friends, family and colleagues. Publish a nicely written short post why do you want to learn this skill. Share this post on your LinkedIn, Facebook, a brief on your Insta and WhatsApp story or if you write blogs or create videos or do podcast, spread a word about it there too.

Now, all your connections, friends, family, colleagues, knowns unknowns everyone know that you have took some challenge. And, if you fail to accomplish that, you're gonna feel ashamed. Trust me, no one wanna get insulted or feel ashamed. This, one one hand would act as a pressure on you, and also a self-motivating factor. However, it's still upto the person how he/she takes it up.

Very Important Note:

If due to any xyz reasons, you're unable to accomplish this goal, don't get demotivated or frustrated and never go into depression. It's not gonna destroy your image.

There are millions of people who fails everyday. Even your so-called friends and relatives never dare to take any such challenge. So, you are already way ahead of them. They're only enjoying their life by going into their comfort zone, having a fixed income and living a good life.

But, as you took a different step so if you failed, it's fine. As soon as you succeed, you'll be a lot ahead of them and will be living an awesome life.

Another important note here says that as much focus you give on your learning, also give equal importance to yourself, enjoying the moments you're living. Happiness should be there in whatever you are doing. It shall rejuvenate you while you are working to build your dreams. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you achieve your career and life goals.

However, I've a similar blog to explain this mindset behind being into comfort zone or out of it and what exactly is a comfort zone. Do check out the link below:

Stand comfortably or sit uncomfortable

What's next after accepting this challenge?

Since you have accepted this challenge, now is the time of action. Pick up a good resource to learn through books, video tutorials or take up a complete online/offline course. Give your initial 10 days on aggressive learning. And, that's quite easy if you opt for online courses or video tutorials or books. And never miss an update about notifying your those connections and contacts by writing another post on what did you learn today.

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After 10 days of aggressive learning, now is the time to divide your time into learning and practicing. The most important part here is to record your progress everyday. It helps you monitor yourself and maintain consistency. Create a version control on your private or public repository and push your code over there. The reason being if it's a public repository, you may ask other professionals and colleagues to add their viewpoints on your work. Or you may also share the full codebase at the end of challenge for their review.

Will my code and I be perfect by the end of this challenge?

Don't worry about perfection. It won't be. And it shouldn't be. Obviously, it's your first project in the language/framework and will have tonnes of bugs. But, we may rework on that in another coding timeline based challenges. Now, you may go for some sort sprints like #30DaysOfCode challenge and some pretend projects to sharpen your skills. Give yourself an year to improve that skill by working and exploring the tech daily.

Once you're done with it, write a full-fledge post to thank your connections and collaborators for being with you on this challenge. A thanksgiving to them would be a great idea.

That's how you can leverage from your #100DaysOfCode challenges.

I know how much I did procrastinate for years before I actually took this step of learning Angular for the very first time. But, as soon as I learnt, I actually made a good jump in my career ladder despite of all the downfalls, I faced after my first venture shutdown and shattered emotions attached to it.

If in case you are unable to motivate yourself to take up this challenge or develop a new skill in you, I would recommend you to read my these blogs. These are for sure gonna help you navigate faster on your journey. Or, you may also join me to learn and practice the skill you want.

Apart from developing your IT skills, it gives you many other benefits. I'll share these into another blog and through my social media. Be in touch.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Blessings to all.

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