What is Annual Growth Rate of Learning and Earning?

We all have heard about Growth Rate being measured in terms of Revenue and Financial position of any organization or institution. And, somehow it also holds true as per education we all had. But, did we ever thought about measuring our success via some mechanisms? So, in this article, I am going to discuss with you about Annual Growth Rate of Learning and Earning.

The money I do have in my bank account depicts my wealth. This is what I've learnt in schools.

College taught me same thing adding that my home, my car and cash in hand is my asset.

But, Robert Kiyosaki and other financial authors presented totally different perspective. They say that if it's not making money for me, it's not my asset; instead it is a liability.

Then, I came across more views from experts around. All had similar views that we should focus on creating more modes of income.

Having multiple modes of income, eases my life and will help me enjoy life much earlier rather than waiting for enjoying life at 60s or so when actually I might not be able to actually enjoy it.

So, what should I do and what mistake am I committing then?

I started reading books, knowing experts viewpoints, analyzing things around me, going through blogs and vlogs, interpreting things on my end. And, finally, I came to know that it's all about how we transform ourselves.

Our biggest victory is if we can transform ourselves as a person who can outperform, no matter how worst situation it is.

However, reaching to such high level of understanding needs time and patience. Patience doesn't mean sitting idle. It's about keep doing, keep exploring. But, don't bother yourself or worry a lot.

So, what exactly do I mean with Annual Growth Rate?

As I told you that after reading books, blogs, watching vlogs and all the stuff I did to learn more insisted me to devise a way. A way by which I could know what exactly am I doing. A way to analyse the parameters on which I could test myself. And, to that method, I have named as Annual Growth Rate of Learning and Earning.

Let's proceed to know about this mechanism.

Note: However, I have not copied the term from anyone else. If still, it resembles with anyone's, I apologize. My prime focus here is to share what I have learnt.

How can I measure it?

To measure your performance, first you need to analyse yourself. For that, first workout on your resume. But, do ensure that you write only precise things in your resume.

Or, it would be better if you add one additional page in your resume. On this page, you need to write all your current skill-sets with their expertise level. The more accurate information you will write, the more accurate results you will have.

You don't have to share this information with anyone else so you can mention the true figures, not the one to impress anyone.

Prepare a list of projected skills

Once you are done with preparing a list of all possible skills you do have, your next task comes in projecting yourself. I am going to specify the tasks under this process in list form for easier takeaways.

  • Think where do you want to see yourself after 12 months.
  • What title/position you want to hold?
  • What key skills you require to achieve that position?
  • What pay package you want to take away after 12 months?
  • What key skills you need to develop to achieve that?
  • Is there any specific course or education you need to pursue in order to fulfil your target goals.

Once you are done with these stuff, you have done a biggest task.

Compare yourself

There is no better competitor than ourselves.

We're our best competitor. By using this philosophy, I am going to share next set of action for you.

After, you are done with writing who you are and where you want to be, now is the time to take an action. This take an action is more important. Because if you failed to act, there will be no point of doing all these activities we did above.

Now, you need to paste the two resumes on your wall or work desk. Watch this every morning, every night and ensure whether you have achieved it or not. Where you are right now? How much efforts you gave to achieve your goals?

Asking these questions daily will keep you motivated.

Now, you have a clear picture, not in your mind, but on your wall that you have to learn these skills to actually achieve your financial and learning goals.

You can use LinkedIn for enhancing your learning abilities. I'll write an article on "how to enhance your skills using LinkedIn" as well. If not LinkedIn then still we do have so many other options with us which we can utilize to improve our skills.