How to get good hikes during next appraisal?

How to get good hikes during next appraisal?

As an employee, you would always be seeking towards getting good awesome hike at next cycle of increment.

But, did you ever achieved it?

Did you ever got the hike much more than what others are getting?

Did you ever got that percentage of increment which has created a big gap between you and your colleague?

The list of such questions is very huge and you know this very well.

And, instead of, I keep on asking these questions to you which might bring down your morale, it would be better if I discuss more about the solutions or answers for these questions. Don’t you think so?

Obviously, you do.

But, before I answer your questions, let’s understand why are you not getting such hikes? How we usually consider these situations?

When such questions have been asked to any, we usually answer them with either of the followings:

  • I didn’t get hike because my manager doesn’t likes me.
  • I didn’t get hike because I had an argument with my manager on that specific day. And, she’s taking revenge of it by not rating me on good notes.
  • I didn’t get hike because of management rules. They don’t have right procedure for increment process.
  • I didn’t get hike because there is so much politics in this company.
  • My manager wants me to learn new technologies but I do not have enough time for that. That’s the reason they gave to me.
  • I don’t care about hike because I am leaving this organization.

The list of possible answers might kept on increasing if you ask diverse people around you. Please do not forget to write your reason in comments for not getting good hike. 

So, we now know that no matter what but we’re not getting good hikes. And, we need to overcome this. The question is how❓

Reasons for not getting good hikes

As we just discussed that there might be many reasons, that we understand are, for not getting good hikes.

Let’s take this a step forward.

Lack of enough Funds in Organization

Somehow the thoughts we had during appraisal, for not getting good hike, is although correct in some way. But, not in all the cases. And, we need to understand this fact quite well.
In some cases, no matter how much you know, your employer cannot give you increment above 10-15% due to many reasons. While the well-funded and well-established enterprises can do. And, that’s obvious because small-medium businesses lack enough funds to do so. 

Henceforth, we’ll be discussing about the topic in a general sense. Since, it’s a collaborative effort so everyone’s contribution matters here even if it is a small organization. 

Lack of skills in Employee

The reason for not getting an awesome increment is because you lack in skills. Probably, you’re good at what you are doing. But, is there anything different or extra that you are contributing to the organization’s growth and success?

To get a good hike, you need to enhance your level of learning and expertise. And, you can easily do that even if you are doing a 9-5 job. There are so many strategies you can follow if you're really serious about getting a great hike during your next cycle of increment. 

Internal Politics within Organization

Internal politics within organization may, sometimes, also create this situation. And, if you're not unable to tackle those situations, it is your fault, not organization's. 

If you want a good appraisal and are going through internal politics conflicts then you need to learn how to tackle those situations. You're not a kid anymore who could cry and will get whatever he/she wants. You've to fight for it. For fight, I do not mean to hit???? that person. With fight, I mean that you need to learn how to communicate and face those challenges and overcome those worst situations, if they really are. 

If you want me to write the solution for any or all of the problems above, do let me know in comments. I'll try to share whatever I can to make it worth for you. 

Concluding Solution

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