Why PHP lead the market in Web Technologies?

Why PHP lead the market in Web Technologies?

In today’s era of web technologies where technology is changing/upgrading too fast. Keeping yourself updated with new trends and tools is always a major concern among IT enthusiasts but it is not limited to software applications only, today web technology also demands such people who keep themselves updated and are always eager to learn and explore further. While there are so many technologies in use, how can one define which one is best. Actually, best is nothing. The difference lies in the features and budget of the project and availability of talent who can work for you or with you. But, overall what I have seen is that PHP is leading the market today. Why is it so?? Is PHP more secure?? Is learning PHP very easy?? Yes. PHP is easier to learn and practice in comparison to other server side scripting languages. However, it is not secure as comparable to other server side scripting languages like ASP or JSP. Since its syntax is easy to write, most novice programmers prefer this language over others.

Any server side scripting language that exists is pure object-oriented whether it is ASP or JSP, while PHP is not pure object oriented which makes it more easier to understand and use. One more reason behind its gaining popularity is existence of several open source frameworks available in the market today which includes WordPress for all types of blogging or content based websites and Magento, OpenCart and WordPress with WooCommerce for any kind of eCommerce website portal. All these are developed in PHP and source code of these frameworks and extensions/plugins to increase their functionality can be easily downloaded because these all are open source technologies.


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