Best Tools and Technologies for Front-end Developers

Best Tools and Technologies for Front-end Developers

Experts don’t need any specialized tool to showcase their skills. However, there are some preferences that every developer do have, depending upon how he/she loves to code. But, still I am briefing some technologies that a front-end developer loves to use or actually practices.
First of all, let’s discuss what does a front-end developer do or what is the main job roles of a front-end developer?
A front-end developer brings a design into existence. He/She converts a design into working design, one thing to notice here that he doesn’t actually bind it with database. This all is static. He designs how an application or website will visualize. He defines the animation and effects to make it more interactive to end-users. This is not limited to just converting design into HTML, actually it’s much more about interactivity and finding different ways to keep users engaged on your website or application.
A front-end developer may use many different technologies to achieve what they want depending upon their preferences and system/design requirement. The most common technologies that developers use are HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQueryUI, etc. Since the introduction of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery developing front-end has become a lot easier for us. These technologies gave us a great flexibility to write code in an easiest and faster manner. Before the introduction of CSS3, giving effects and animation was too hectic and a big task for developers, but now its really fun for them. And, jQuery made scripting a lot easier for developers. It has a great library of functions which helped developers write few lines of code to achieve for which they have to write so much lines of code making page heavier resulted in delay of page loads or many other issues. Today, everything revolves around minimal lines of code to achieve various effects, animations, page loading and many more.. All these needs to be perfect as per new updates that Google and other major search engines introduce to the web market.


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