My Experience @ (IIT Alumni Startup)

My Experience @ (IIT Alumni Startup)

Recently, I have worked with IIT Delhi’s startup ‘’. My role within the team was as a frontend developer. So, today I’m gonna share my experience with you for being a part of team sarthy.

Sarthy. An initiative by IITians.

One day, I received a call from someone who told me that he wants me to work with them on their new concept to be launched very soon. I didn’t know that who these guyz are. And, they discussed a brief about project on phone call. I agreed and scheduled a meeting with them on coming Sunday. I still remember that day of meeting. Due to many reasons, I had to schedule 3 different meetings all at 3 different n far away locations of Delhi for the day. And, in the morning, a tragedy happened. A heavy rainfall was there in the early morning and it became difficult for me to reach for my first meeting. Finally, the meeting went fine. And, we agreed to start work.
While starting first design, I was not sure what I should do to make it user-friendly and a acceptable system. I skipped homepage design and started my work with other pages. And, when we got idea of what we want and how we want it to look like, I worked on homepage. We introduced something better and easy-to-use interface without much hassle. During this entire work period, there were many ups and downs but we all cooperated well and finally prepared a final output which was a successful launch of Sarthy in startathon event. Technically, I learnt many new things from each and every member whether it’s related to technology, personal level or management perspective. This time-period was also tough for me because in starting days, I had to work for almost 18-20 hours a day; 9-10 hours in office, 3 hours of travelling and 5 hours with the project. Rest 5-6 hours of the day include sleeping, dinner n other activities. Finally, when I left the job, I started managing all my schedule and work in a proper way. But, overall I had a good experience in those days as well. They taught me how can I work in a very busy and tight schedule in my life. But, team sarthy cooperated with me very well and we all worked together and the result is with us. These months of hard work and learning enthusiasm helped me in grooming myself as a better technical person. It improved my professional skills to a next better level. And hence learning continued.
Today, I feel proud that I worked with this team, a team of good and technically sound people. This is what that encouraged me to write about my experience here.

I wish I could learn something more better with new tie-ups going on with new coming startups.

A good luck to sarthy for its success. And bless all those connected with sarthy in any manner.


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