Lessons learnt from my entrepreneurial journey so far

Lessons learnt from my entrepreneurial journey so far

The journey of being an entrepreneur is tough and rough. I was aware of this truth very well. But, I didn’t know that it’ll also be a challenge to my personal life and all relationships as well. This I gotta know and understood during few last weeks. Well, apart from these, I also learnt many other experiences and truths which I’m gonna share in this article.

However, our journey keeps adding new experiences each day but whatever I learnt so far in my journey is really interesting for me and I hope every startup entrepreneur faces such situations. Hope it will be useful for those coming to this journey. Further knowledge and experiences will also be shared whenever the circumstances will teach me. Hope you guys would like to share your views and comments; if you do, just comment it below. So, let’s begin my experiences:

Lesson 1:

Always keep your personal relationships far away from your business.

Personal relationships should always be separated from your professional life but here I am talking about their involvement. Don’t try to ask your relatives or family members to join your organization. On the long run, it may cause some issues.

Lesson 2:

Always be true to your clients and towards your work.

I always tried to stay true to my clients about my past career experiences and what I am doing, if I do have a new client and got lil busy with him. I just share the same words with my existing regular client to help them know and understand the fact about the time I’ll be giving to their work.

However, it may cause in loss of that regular client but if you carry discussion healthy and friendly then you won’t find any issue and he/she will be able to understand your point of view. But, never ignore them otherwise you’re all down.

Lesson 3:

No matter what business or service your father does. Always follow their teachings as rules of your business.

My father is a small businessman and he used to deliver his packing products outside of our hometown and even to major cities. His focus was never on making money but on spreading a good name. There’s much more teachings I learnt from him which I would love to explain in some other article. But, learning from your parents is always a good and affordable idea.

Lesson 4:

Never forget your past clients while making new one.

My first client gave me a work of only ?300/-. Sounds amazing naa?? Yeah. But, that’s true. And, I gave my 100% to even this work as well. And, he then brought me more projects and soon I got another client who just paid me ?2500/- for some of his work.

However, this new client used to pay me more amount than I used to receive from that previous client. But, I didn’t forgot him too. I tried to convince him about better quality and creativity I practiced with new client and he was somehow convinced too.

I always keep adding new clients and people with me and at the same time try to keep those old one as well. This is my success mantra. Hope you guys would also follow this rule and will achieve new heights in your business.

Lesson 5:

Focus on quality rather than money. And, people will start contacting you.

My focus was never on making big chunks of money instead I always focused on quality I deliver. And, frankly speaking, I’m getting more clients without any specific advertisement. This is my quality and dedication at work which helped me win these clients. People used to heard that “Work speaks better than words“. If we can follow this line as a rule of our business then we’re surely gonna win the game.


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