How I came to write jQuery plugins?

How I came to write jQuery plugins?

Today, I’m gonna share with you that how and why I started writing jQuery plugins. What was it which motivated me to use my own written/self coded jQuery functions to achieve whatever I wished to while designing any website.

My life as a computer programmer wasn't so simple like that. It took me a lot of efforts to reach where I am today. Possibly, the time taken by me might not sound very easy-to-go way to many. But, it wasn't the case with me. 

Before getting my first job, I have been appeared for many interviews but no one believed that I could be a good programmer for their company. 

Well, anyways I am not discussing lot about that stuff and would like to continue to my own story of learning jQuery by myself from 0 to present expertise. From learning concepts to writing jQuery plugins might also sound like an accidental jQuery programmer story. 

Story as an Accidental jQuery Programmer

Let's start my story of being an accidental jQuery programmer. 

It was years ago when I started designing websites for different clients from different regions around the globe including a CMS website to a large web portal to payroll software systems. While working for these clients, initially I used existing jQuery plugins but was always eager to know that how all these plugins achieve the functionality we want. Since college, I was damn good in programming. This enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and explore things made it happen.

I started using simple 1-2 lines of code by using existing jQuery library functions which are very common and simpler to use. This way, I started using my own jQuery functions for the tasks to be performed while other collegues used to search and download .js file for the same task. And, suddenly I started using my own code for navigation and tabbing layout and other customized functionalities as per need. This lead me with the title of “Custom Code” (a nickname) among my collegues. This title was a self-motivation in itself and helped me in exploring further. Initially, my seniors said and scold many times that why I use my custom code. Why don’t I use existing .js for the tasks. But, as everyone knows that there are always some hindrances and pebbles on each path we follow for a change. I was also moving on the same track. Instead of leaving everything in between, I started writing more enhanced and bug-free jQuery code and functions.

And, suddenly this all resulted in explicit permission from my seniors to use my own code until and unless it is logically testified. And now, I not only use my logics for office use but publisize as well by writing simple n short and usable plugins for all designers and developers in the industry.

You can find my coded plugins in my GitHub repository.

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