Why we do not support bloggers and encourage them?

Why we do not support bloggers and encourage them?

If you see a blogger around you, go and support his/her content.

Hey folks, today at 5 o'clock in the morning, I've been scrolling through the Facebook profile of one of my crush. And then, went down further to check out the profile of her sibling who is a blogger, obviously based in India. After scrolling through the feeds, I noticed that except her close family members, other people including friends and buddy bloggers aren't supporting enough. Doesn't matter whether we have any interest in his/her content niche but we do not appreciate it at all. Why?

Let's say if someone is writing about finance, it's obviously helpful for all of us. If she's writing about food, then tell me who doesn't love to eat. So, encouraging bloggers in either case doesn't harm you at all.

Encouraging bloggers does not cost you.

This made me think a lot and thus I started writing this blog at 5:15 am, that's too early morning naa.

So, what I have been worrying is we lost many of our enthusiastic bloggers just because we don’t support them. Before they come out to be a great blogger, we break off their pen and heart.

Why aren't we supporting them?

Do we have any fear?

What are the reasons behind this?

I really need answers from my fellows. Like her, I also don’t get any support for my content either. So now, this question becomes more important and yupp personal too to know, to understand and find the reasons behind this.

On this Valentine's Day, instead of reaching out to my crush, I am seeking for answers to understand the reasons behind not supporting bloggers around us. Wish you good luck.

Signing off for now but awaiting for answers...

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