Stand comfortably or sit uncomfortable

Stand comfortably or sit uncomfortable

This article is a life experience which can be well related with the life of corporates and startup entrepreneurs. Not only to the corporates, but to almost every aspect of our daily life.
The title "Stand Comfortably or Sit Uncomfortable", I’ve picked today is quite weird and probably won’t make much sense. But, it holds its own meaning. The concept is related to the 2 main theories of life where most of us live our day to day life in.

Many of us have travelled via public transport at any stage of our life only if you have an expensive car gifted by your parents which you even don’t drive by yourself.

LOL tongue-out

Let’s begin with the Delhi Metro's example.

There are two basic options to us inside a metro, if seats aren’t available which is usually the case almost. You can either stand in a corner or in middle of the metro. Secondly, you can ask someone already sitting to make some adjustments and give you little space to sit. I’ve myself experienced this many times and even opted both the options at different times.

So, what is the benefit of standing?

Since, there are two approaches we follow. One is standing at a corner, forgetting that I’ll get any seat ever. We can relate this situation to those who live their life with no worries about anything or maybe have lost all hopes. Even if they don’t know that they aren’t comfortable but still find themselves okay with the situation and stay tension free or have accepted to adjust with the situation.

Likewise, people who join an organization and forget everything else because for them nothing else does matter now. Whether someone will get any benefit or not, whether they are losing something or not; they do not worry about anything at all. A typical 9-5 job is everything and enough for them, giving them a feeling of so-called government job.

Second option comes when you are standing around the sitting berths but still hoping to get a seat. Here, you are somewhat relentless because you are standing but your focus is towards getting a better opportunity. However, it depends how relentless you are.

Likewise, you are living your life but always open for a better option. Here, you might be too relentless or casually relentless. But, your scopes are open. And, you might find or not find a better opportunity.

Now, comes the scenario of sitting uncomfortably.

Sitting uncomfortably is the option where you and the other people around you might have to adjust but probably you will get a comfortable seat very soon.
However, it’s possible that you will remain sitting uncomfortable until your entire journey. But, it’s like giving up your comfort zone for some time with hope that it will give you back after some time.

No approach is right or wrong. It's all about our perspective about things and the beliefs we are built-up around. That’s how our life is built and goes on.

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