How to spend time during 21 days lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic?

How to spend time during 21 days lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic?

Like many other IT professionals, I've been busy in office work starting from early morning 8 AM until 7 or 8 PM at least. Getting bit fat these days because there doesn't come any need to take break from work.

Everything seems like easy going despite of longer work hours.

But, there's a very important task I've been doing everyday which somehow I wasn't doing during recent business days before this 21 days lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. And it is reading books.

I had Kindle with me which is really a good gadget to have for book readers.

Obviously, it doesn't give that feeling of paper books but still it's an amazing friend.
Before taking nap, after waking up in the morning, after finishing off my dinner, I've been giving few hours on reading on my Kindle. And, since I've always wanted to give some dedicated time on understanding markets and found this period amazing to give an hour daily on same. In either case, I don't need to compromise with my office work; thus bringing out more productivity out of myself.

Which books am I reading in this 21 days lockdown?

Since, I am very zeal about finance and business henceforth finance and equity market books are on the top of my list these days.

Recently, I've completed a book an annual reports and now going to complete another book on understanding trading/cash market.

Blog writing during 21 days lockdown

Apart from the time I've been giving to my office work and book reading, I've made some basic changes to my website and going to write more blogs in this 21 days lockdown period of Corona pandemic. And, this blog comes to be the first in series.

If you want to know more about how am I utilizing this lockdown period in my favour apart from what I've mentioned above, do connect with me on LinkedIn.

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