Fighting your inner conflicts

Fighting your inner conflicts

Conflicts between people usually happen in everyone's life. It might be because of different mindset, different thought process, different aspirations, expectations or self-awareness. And, we all fight; sometimes we win, other times we lose. But, the most heart breaking conflict amongst all is fighting our inner conflicts.

With others, if it is because of different mindset, aspirations or expectations, we may devise a solution by reaching a common ground. Sometimes, by giving up on others, other times they give up on us. And, the show goes on.

But, with self, we keep on fighting and most of the times do not realize why are we fighting with ourselves. And, if we don’t know the reason of inner conflicts, how come will we find any solution for it. That’s why, I’ve mentioned above that this is the most heart-breaking to fight with ourselves.

To others, it obviously goes mixed of both. On self, it doesn’t go well at all. Unfortunately, we went down to devastating state, depending on how concerned and serious we goes with the conflict happened with self.

Why am I talking about this inner conflict thing today?

Is there something wrong happened?

Am I fighting the one?

With my each blog, such types of questions arise. And, the answer is neutral. I share these blogs, based on my own personal experiences, observing events & happenings around me. So, there is no crystal clear answer to this question as it does vary based on various factors. But, I am not in any such depressions or something.

Yes. New challenges, hurdles keep on coming the way but it's a part of our life. So, no one needs to worry about it a lot. We all should just keep moving with the flow.

We may feel down some day and motivated the other days. That is also fine. Obviously, we all are human beings. Having emotions is our in-built feature. Neither of us can get rid of it. One may control his/her emotions & feelings however.

I think this blog was not intended to share anything specific. If you need, I may complete it with a detailed explanation and guide to fight your own inner conflicts. Or may be some day, I'll share how do I fight my own inner conflicts.

Good bye for the day! Keep reading. Keep sharing.

Your love and support is all I need to keep moving on my blogging journey.

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