Share your Story

Deepak can create awesome stories from your daily life happenings. The stories are meant for users to find inspiration from you. 

Yes. You can be the inspiration for many. We live in a world which has no limits and there is a rotation of everything in life. Whether it is fashion, families' internal problems or conflicts, students' challenges in chosing their career, corporate challenges and office politics or anything else; you can share everything here. You may not know but your story might help many such people to find solution to their own problems. Even if you aren't working anywhere and just living your own life then also there are chances that your life can inspire many others too. 

Daily life of a non-working or housewife has lots of stuff to inspire the daily lives of many newly married girls who find difficulties in finding solution to their so-simple daily life problems. So, with me, you can share your own story and I'll write them in my own words so that you could be a role model for many. Sometimes, super-heroines need not to be known by their actual name or face identity. 

If you want we can reveal your identity in the story otherwise we are strictly abide to maintain your privacy and secrets. 

Don't wait anymore, do send an email via contact to get in touch with Deepak to create another story of yours. 

(If you want to keep yourself anonymous, we have that option too to manage your privacy.)