My corporate diary of 9 years

My corporate diary of 9 years

Today, it’s 16th January 2021.

Right 9 years back, on the same day i.e. 16th January 2012, I started my corporate career with first job as a trainee programmer at Aptara Inc.

These 9 years were full of ups & downs, with almost 1300% growth in salary part today what it was on first job & today, and from zero/nil wealth to some wealth today and some for future goals. On learning aspects, it went never down before, and even not today. Doesn't matter what am I doing, or where I am but it is something I am continuously doing since the day I went to college.

Until my schooling, I was focused on studying but in college I focused on learning plus studying. Today it’s all about learning and practicing.

Not only this, but now is a time when I’ve attained a sustainability aspect as well on my preferred employer too. Working with IRIS Software into banking domain is somewhat like a dream come true.

From living a singlehood life to getting married is another transition happened so far. However, it's a personal aspect of life but our corporate or professional life plays an important role into it. Our relationship isn't that easy to be understood. Having her in my life is something beyond just a marriage relationship. It’s not that simple #couplegoals type of thing.

Hopefully, I'm gonna write a blog about achievements and success stories of my wife as well.


Saying it here may not make sense to everyone but we all should publicly express sometimes that hoe much we love our spouse.

Coming back to my professional achievements or I would say my journey of learning, development and growth in all aspects of corporate career.

This journey hasn't been so easy however, and a detailed outlook of my experience and associations is already well mentioned & explained in my LinkedIn profile which you may go through using the widget below.

So, what approaches I've followed in my life to reach these levels are already mentioned in some of my past blogs. The annual growth rate of learning and earning approach of mine can make it possible for you as well.

I would recommend you to read these blogs today if you are really serious about achieving more success and growth than I did achieve in past 9 years.

What is Annual Growth Rate of Learning and Earning?

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Have a great day ahead. Wish you Happy New Year and blessings for the future. A lot of goodness and success is waiting for you in this year.

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