My First Mentee from Cambodia

My First Mentee from Cambodia

This is not an achievement story however. But, a story which you may find worth, not so interesting. It's just an experience, I thought I should share otherwise there wasn't any such need of it. 

So, it was a story began from LinkedIn. You can get to know more about my professional expertise and skill set from my LinkedIn profile

This happened when I was not looking forward mentoring anyone. Instead, I was searching and trying to connect with my own mentor. And, during the process, a girl from Cambodia came in touch with me. She dropped me a message asking solutions for her problems. It was not like a mentorship programme for both of us. I just helped out her to know how she can solve her own problems by herself. I spent a lot of time, sharing my experiences, answering her questions, asking questions so that she could get an answer by herself. 

This all was just to guide the girl. 

She wasn't sure what to do in her life, having no job security, lacking motivation. And, to whomever she so far connected, just shared things for some benefits in return. 

So, it became a kind of fear feeling for her. She hesitated and keep asking repetitively that you won't ask for money. I ensured her that I will not. But, due to her many worst past experiences, she wasn't sure. 

Overall, I gave her many ways to solve her life and work problems. Also, gave her some tips which she can follow to get rid of her job related issues. I have clearly said that I am not going to give you any job or refer. Because, referring anyone has become a risky task today even in the case when you do not know about the other person. 

Anyways, she's working on what I told and I hope that she'll be able to get rid of her problems, managing her professional life accordingly. 

Since, this wasn't an interesting story. So, let's end up it here only. 

Have a blessed day☀! 

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